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Defective Activa TV from Snapdeal vendor

I brought an activa full hd 32d60 television from on the 9th january 2018 by using my credit card without paying extra installation charges and when the product arrived on the 12th january 2018, it came in the worst packaging ever with wood and nails exposed on the outside and inside. i opened the box to check the television and the quality of the television was of a very poor material and the wire or power cord had some substance on it and was not a quality wire. the television looked like it was used by someone and the wire came from a paint shop. i installed the television and when i powered it on, the television would not power on and if it does it goes to standby and power off and there was crackling noise coming from the back and burning smell. i switched it off from causing any more damage and nearly had a narrow escape from being electrocuted. on the same day which is the 12th january 2018 i raised in a request with snapdeal online to take back their defective product and till today nothing has been done to resolve my issue. as per their latest email dated 15th january 2018, they are asking me to go to a service center with the television and why should i go when i have warrenty? it is the sole responsibility of snapdeal to fix my issue but they still haven’t and the activa service center number, which was given to me by snapdeal isn’t picking up my phone call either.

Prior to this i had conversation with mr vxxxxxxm from the escalation desk at snapdeal and he was not willing to refund my amount stating they do not refund for electronic items, which is not what their website claims, yesterday i also had a conversation with ixxxxxn from snapdeal and he said i will be contacted today and resolution will be offered so far i haven’t even been given any resolution or have been contacted by snapdeal and snapdeal keeps sending me automated messages stating my number was not reachable, which is not true as i am available on phone or on email 24/7 and people whom i contact with have no problem in reaching out to me. sir, i have spent a total amount of 11,395 (Inclusive of delivery and taxes) using my credit card and delays from snapdeal is only adding to me more charges and other expenses. i am attaching everything what i have in pdf or adobe format with screenshots. Kindly note, I could not reopen the tv case to show how poor the tv and the wire is, as the packaging is of a very poor quality and i fear the packaging might be damaged, if i reopen the case. But anyone who wish to inspect is welcome to take a look. order reference number 20827580979

Ashok Jerry
JP Nagar, Bangalore 560078, Karnataka


    • Snapdeal on 17/01/2018 at 1:06 pm

    Dear Ashok,

    Hope you are doing well. Our team is working on your concern and would get in touch with you at the earliest. We request your cooperation in the interim.

    Regards, Team Snapdeal.

    • Ashok Jerry on 17/01/2018 at 3:37 pm

    I am approaching the consumer court/press/public with this case and make all of them aware on how unethically Snapdeal is running business, violating ethics, terms and standards including agreement with its consumers.

    Complaint has already been registered with Jago Grahak Jago, I have submitted all recorded phone calls of Snapdeal /Activa, whatsApp chat mobile screenshots of conversation / screenshot of defective Activa Full HD television as mentioned above and including the latest conversation. Kindly note Snapdeal was given time from the same date of delivery which is the 12th January 2018 till, where the replacement order was registered. Today Snapdeal has taken an initiative to have my product replaced? or I be refunded? Aren’t Snapdeal a scam? Snapdeal has committed fraud in my case and I am going to argue for a huge amount at the Consumer Court for my entire loss.

    Your’s Truly

    Ashok Jerry

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