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Beware of making UPI payments to strangers. Always transfer money to bank account after due diligence.

Regarding unfair practice by

I have placed an order with for a customized calender. The payment was deducted from the back account however due to some error the order got cancelled. I check after 30 minutes and the status was still cancelled. Thats why I placed the same order again with ORDER ID: 7929-8680-446, and unfortunately the money was again deducted but the order got cancelled. Next day, I was expecting the money back in my account but did not get it. I checked my account and the status was cancelled. I waited to get the money back and make the order again. I also mailed the customercare regarding this but did not get any reply. On third day, to my suprise, the status changed from cancel to under process for both the product. Since then I have been trying to mail them, call them to ask why the status changed without information and cancel one of the order but all in vain. on 4th day all of a sudden I got a confirmation mail (the first mail from their side which I should have gotten atleast 3 days before). on 5th day, when the product is already out for delivery, one of the person from customer care said that cannot do anything anymore because it is out for delivery. I have check online and observed that this is not the first time print venue is frauding with customers and also their customer care is of no help. order ID: 4007-9520-8660 and 7929-8680-446

SILCHAR 788010, Assam

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