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Fake loan offers from Bajaj Finserv

On 13th may i had got a call from Ms. Pxxxxxa Sxxxxxa executive of bajaj finserv which is from Pune HO. she has told me about their loan scheme which is against mutual fund. she told me that for 100000 lac of amount you have to pay 10000 which will be 0% interest for 3yrs & after 3yrs they will charge for 6% intrest.
but i need Loan about 5lac she told me i have to pay 50000rs. but i dont have enough money to pay that much amount i had directly ignore their scheme.
But she force me to take a loan against paying 15000 thousand now and other 35000 later when loan amount will deposited in account.
but their statement was false after i had deposited 15000 thousand she has told me that i had to pay 10000 thousand more for NOC. in that NOC papper they had clearly mentioned that Loan amount will deposited with in the one hour after depositing NOC money. but after two day she call me again and asking to deposit more money for making card. but now i had no money deposit in their account so i had told that to cancel my application you had cheated me from day 1 & refund my amount. you always told anything else & done else. so again o another day their is a call from bajaj finserv they are telling that the cancellation charge is 17500/- and their last day to submit is 2nd june 2017. if i will not pay this they will charge panalety on me. but i had already paid 25000/ for loaning amount then how should they charge this much on this amount.

Please do a need full to me as soon as possible.

Nazneen Asif Shaikh
Mumbai 401203, Maharashtra
Email: nxxxxxxxxxxx6@gmail.com
01/06/2017 / 3:48 pm

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