Home based data entry jobs demand money

I am searching on Quikr some home based data entry jobs After sometime I get a call from PV solutions a person name Pxxxm Pxxxxxl his email id is pxxxxxxx2@gmail.com He tell me that I have a data entry job for u There is no restoration I have to fill 1000 from in 10days He will pay me 20,000rs in which5200 rs are deducted as compensation money & total money I received is 14,800 & if I denied or don’t complete the job on time or if accuracy is 90%below the cutoff is 900 forms & below these condition I have to pay5200 rs I AGREED & APPLIED FOR THE JOB Then there is a verification call come which tells the t&c of jobs which I mentioned above It’s successful next day I got the  mail in which online forms site link ,username , password is mentioned I reasrched on web of company bio help line no & email id I didn’t found any company regarding that name but there are many fake cases are against the person (Pxxxm Pxxxl) company email, helpline no & many spam are going on Now I call the company for cancellations of my job They asked me to pay 7900rs As there is a legal document b/w me & company which was said that it’s digitally signed but there is no sign of myself not the company signed it I am writing this complaint because in future if company threatens me I wil got help from consumer court  the company helpline no is 7xxxxx8 & email id is hxxxxxxxxxxxxxx1@gmail.com

Shubham Gupta
Jaipur 302016, Rajasthan
Email: sxxxxxxxxxs@gmail.com

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