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Issues with HP Laptop battery

I purchased by 15-ay007tx laptop on 12.Sep.2016 and it is now out of warranty. Right from the beginning I had concerns about the battery of this laptop as it used to lose about 10% charge within 12 hours when completely. I also tried to voice this on HP forums between 27.Sep.2016 – 01.Oct.2016, but never got this issue completely resolved. As advised I took the laptop to the HP support center, but at the most what they did is to run “test” software and show me the results saying “no issues with battery”.

I think in the first place it is my biggest mistake that I bought DOS laptop from HP and they installed Linux on it. As a punishment, I never got full-hearted support from HP. My expectation was that HP will test the laptop battery as an individual component and will validate the battery behaviour. However nothing of the sorts happened.

Recently I observed that even if I take out the laptop battery and keep it in sealed anti-static bag for a day it loses about 5% of it’s charge. So definitely the battery is faulty and HP has successfully managed to dodge my concerns.

Atul Sowani
Pune 411009, Maharashtra

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