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Nexon Enterprise Online CAPTCHA job fraud

There was a call from a random number on October 2nd 2019 about the captcha typing jobs which to my advantage was Home Operated,as was in need to money I did accept it as I was in need of money,they explained me the paperwork and I decided to agree.
Later,when I researched about the firm,I discovered the whole thing being a fraud,to mine surprise he rather exaggerated that I not being a fraud but till then I had signed the document.
Opened the CAPTCHA account and was activated on 21st October,2019 and did not really found the website for the Work of Captcha when I did search.When I tried to contact them by calling,the number were unavailable.After a month I get a legal notice regarding the penalty imposed upon me for not completing the above required captcha.
Later,I turned down and started ignoring their calls and texts and emails and today,14th Feb 2020 they did text me regarding that they have sended me a legal hardcopy of the paperwork under section 73 and 74 regarding breach of contract .what should I do?

Jayanto Barman
Siliguri 734001, West Bengal

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