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i m currently working in data entry job named FINITECH ..they asked me for 300 rs as registration fee…i paid..then they said..10000 is your registration fee that will be deducted from your first salary. i,e.28800-10000=18800(my frst salary) they had given me 150 pages in 15 days…then they said there should be 90% accuracy…135 pages out of 150 should be correct..if there is error in more than 15 pages then i will have to pay 10000…sir..still m on going with this typing..my 15 days have not been completed…but i have a fear that is it for real or fake?

Preksha nair
Email: pxxxxxxxxxxx2@gmail.com

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Beware of making UPI payments to individual. Always use bank transfer or card payments for big amount transctions.

Beware of fake data entry, form filling and captcha filling jobs. Do not make any payement.

Beware of times4job, eshopokart portals

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