Regarding allotment of lower berth to senior citizen
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Regarding allotment of lower berth to senior citizen

On 18th July 2021 i have booked 2 tickets at IRCTC SWV CSMT Special (01228) from Sindhudurg to Thane, in which i have selected Lower berth for 58 yrs old & 84 yrs old person. That time approx 188 seats are available during booking time.  One Side Upper berth is alloted to 58 yrs old person & Upper berth is also alloted to  84 yrs old Senior Citizen. Here i think IRCTC doesn’t have any humanity  to treat Senior Citizen. Allocation of lower berth rule to senior citizen is only in rule books nothing else. How can IRCTC can allot Senior Citizen who age is 84 yrs old, Upper Berth. Then what is the criteria for allotting berth to Senior Citizen above 80 yrs old person.

Mumbai 400080, Maharashtra

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