Regarding MH Polymers-Elegant Premia Mattresses

Regarding MH Polymers-Elegant Premia Mattresses

The worst experience with MH Polymers. I purchased two MH Polymers-Elegant Premia Mattresses in September 2020. This mattress comes with a 5 Year Warranty.
After using this mattress from December onwards, I found some problems as backpain and shoulder pain as few body problems. I thought as I’m using a new mattress, it can be the side effects and I ignored it. But later I found the quality of the mattress is very poor. When you sit on the mattress or sleep in night, this mattress compresses to its maximum and touches the bed boards. I started complaining on this by reaching customer care number mentioned in the warranty card, but did not receive any response. I once found a Toll Free number 1800 123 50000.
This person on the number speaks very low and he always listens to you but never take actions. He provided me a contact number of Mr. Sxxxxxa-,as the survey engineer. I tried reaching him out but he never responds. One day when he picked the call and give the assurance to visit my place, but after that he ignored my all calls and did not visit.

This total scenario is running from the last 2,5 months. Ultimately,  I’m the one who is suffering from this.

@MH Polymers- I need my money back. These mattresses cost me 8064/- [4032*2, ( 75*35*4)*2]
In future, I would not even recommend anyone to go for MH Polymers mattresses.

Ghaziabad 201002, Uttar Pradesh

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