Typing master company regarding fines

Sir i got call from the company called typing master from gujarat they offer me a job of 30000 with 5000 registration fees deduct at the time of salary pay as a student i accpt the job but the work is to fill 1000 forma in 10 days i thought i can do this bt when i started my work my internet got used by completed only 1 page n also i search about that company n i got nothing about thier company so i thought its not good to waste my time on such fake work but after 5 6 days later thier lawyer call me n threated me that i have misuse thier work n chrges me 20500 rs for termination of thier work otherwise case will be called n all that warning they gave me i got so scared bcz i dnt knw about all these things i m a student  i dnt find any hope

Runjhun Gaur
Bikaner 334001, Rajasthan
Email: Rxxxxxxxxxx6@gmail.com

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