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Uber not refunding the excess payment made in error

I took a ride on 21st January from ECC Road to my address given above. I was charged 239.42 Rs. When I tried to pay it through UPI, it got deducted twice from my account. I complained immediately but I didn’t get any reply for 2 days. Then I was forced to go to Twitter for them to notice my issue. I got a reply from them on 23rd January. They asked all the details and screenshots. Then on 24th January, they promised that within 1-3 business days, my refund will reflect in my bank account. But I didn’t receive any refund.. I kept waiting. Then on Feb 2nd when I asked about the refund again, they said that I didn’t pay anything so there was no refund. I became angry and messaged them with profanity, after that they agreed to refund. And today morning they said they are not able to refund the money to my bank account, so they will refund it to Uber credits. I immediately texted them back saying that I don’t want to use Uber anymore. I had paid via my account, I need the money back. But I didn’t get any reply. I tried on Twitter too, but still no answer. I’m feeling harassed.. For so many days. I’m not a rich person. I work hard for the money I earn and it feels so bad when such big organizations do things like these.. Please help me

Huzaifa Shaikh
Hongasandra Main Road, Bangalore 560068, Karnataka
Email: sxxxxxxx5@gmail.com

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