Know how to deal with your insurance complaints

Vide Notification dt.11.11.1998, the Govt. of India has introduced The Insurance Ombudsman scheme to deal with consumer complaints or public grievances with regard to servicing the insurance policies or deficiencies in rendering services by the insurance companies. How to make a complaint If you are unhappy with your insurance company

Government introduces Real Estate Bill to Protect the Interest of the Consumers

Benefits and Advantages of Real Estate Bill, 2013 The Bill proposes to regulate transactions in the real estate sector. The Bill will bring about standardization in the sector leading to healthy and orderly growth of the industry through introduction of definitions such as ‘apartment’, ‘common areas’, ‘carpet area’, ‘advertisement’, ‘real estate project’, ‘prospectus’ etc. Introduction of the … Continue Reading ››

Regulation of E-commerce portals and protection for online shoppers

We have been reading in papers and on internet media that Timtara’s founder-drector has been arrested, alongwith the CEO, on the charges of fraud and cheating. Most of the consumers who do online shopping must be aware of allegations against Timtara. The complaints varied from non-delivery, delayed deliver and non-receipt of refunds. India Consumer Forum … Continue Reading ››

Court cases against Timtara at District Consumer Redressal Forum

Here is a list of Court Cases decided at various District Consumer Redressal Fora. All the cases were decided against Timtara, ordering for refund, compensation and interest. In some cases Timtara did not represent and the decision was taken exparte. In some cases Timtara entered into out-of-court settlement. The cases have been listed in the following order: State / … Continue Reading ››

Can travel portals refuse refund for flights cancelled by Kingfisher

Since the time Kingfisher cancelled or were forced to cancel their operations, refund complaints are piling up for the flights cancelled by Kingfisher. Naturally, passengers would approach the travel portals for refund where the tickets have been booked through them. However, portals are refusing to refund the money on the ground that they have not … Continue Reading ››

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