National Insurance reducing the sum insured at the time of claim

I have taken a Bhavishya Arogya Policy for Rs 1,00,000 on 23/09/1996 from National Insurance Co. Ltd,Divisional Office-2,Vadodara.They have accepted the premium for sum insured 1,00,000,given me a receipt & policy number 300303/96/11/000005 for Rs.1,00,000.Later on 09/11/2009, they also gave me a letter to reconfirm the sum insured as 1,00,000. Now after 17 Years, at the … Continue Reading ››

Government introduces Real Estate Bill to Protect the Interest of the Consumers

Benefits and Advantages of Real Estate Bill, 2013 The Bill proposes to regulate transactions in the real estate sector. The Bill will bring about standardization in the sector leading to healthy and orderly growth of the industry through introduction of definitions such as ‘apartment’, ‘common areas’, ‘carpet area’, ‘advertisement’, ‘real estate project’, ‘prospectus’ etc. Introduction of the … Continue Reading ››

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