Wrongful deduction by Uber

I had booked a ride from South City mall on 16th July evening. I had been waiting at my location. I had contacted the driver and he said he was near. Following that I waited for a longer time than expected. Suddenly, the driver cancelled and they charged a 47.5 rupees cancellation fee from me.
On reaching out to their support and explaining the situation to them repeatedly they are unwilling to budge.
Now the question is why should I pay when I am not at fault. They can easily check my location at said moment and the fact that I had called the driver to confirm what I said. Driver didn’t even call me even if he did not find me at location which they normally do.
I have deleted my uber account. My account was in the same name and number. Please look into this matter.

Shreya Choudhury
Newtown, Kolkata 700156, West Bengal
Email: txxxxxxxxxxxr@gmail.com

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