Complaint regarding defective Samsung refrigerator

I am writing this to you with great sorrow and pain after getting no meaning solution from Samsung India.

I am a middle-class person and only one earning person who is taking care of a big joint family. After huge effort I saved my salary for more than a year to purchase a high-end Samsung refrigerator model no: RT37M5538UT/HL/2018 on 30/05/2018 from Shree Shaym Sales Dhanbad, Jharkhand. I trusted that if I buy a high end model from such a reputed brand then that is going to last more than 15 years without any trouble but now I have lost my trust completely from Samsung.

Let me explain my huge pain, first time my refrigerator stopped cooling on 20/09/2018. I raised a complain to customer care, they explained few workarounds like taking out everything and keeping lemon inside the refrigerator for a few days, but nothing worked. After a week Samsung service engineer visited to my premise and he filled some liquid into the fridge cooling chamber and promised that this type of problem does’t not happen with Samsung refrigerator and he promised that it is not going to occur in the future.

Now same issue occurred on 21/11/2018 and my refrigerator was dead again, no cooling nothing. Again, followed the same hectic process calling customer care, following their instructions for 4-5 days, again calling and again following same instruction. So finally, service engineer visited my place once again to sort out the problem and after analyzing he explained me that same issue occurred again. And now there is no update from Samsung team from last 2 months.

I am highly frustrated , disappointed and pissed off now.Refrigerator is under warranty fro some time, what will happen once warranty get over? Every two months I cannot afford to spend 5-10k for this useless garbage.

Samsung is providing no meaningful solution, they are just providing one year extended warranty, but what will happen if same issues occur again ? Samsung should pay for this mental trauma and for now my expected solution can be anyone out of below
1) Provide complete refund plus the cost of damaged item which was in refrigerator(twice)
2)Need replacement with new upgraded model refrigerator with no extra cost( should be compensated with damaged item which was inside the refrigerator) because cannot take risks to go with the same model.

I hope you will understand the pain of a lower middle class family who can do multiple things with such a huge money and Samsung India gave me garbage for my huge savings

Ardendu Kumar Singh
Dhanabd 828130, Jharkhand

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