Complaint regarding delay in delivery by Flipkart vendor
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Complaint regarding delay in delivery by Flipkart vendor

Regarding Flipkart order delay. Value: 15000/18000
I ordered two mobile products with delivery date 21st October 2023. But i have not received any of it. TAlready I have ordered it 15 days ago and the delivery date is very late. Now the delivery is again delayed. The delivery agent denied to have the product of my name although I called on the same phone number given by flipkart. Please find the order details below. Please deliver my order as soon as possible.
My Orders
1.  OD32xxxxxxxxxxxxx4100  MOTOROLA g54 5G (Pearl Blue, 128 GB)
2.  OD32xxxxxxxxxxxxx1100  MOTOROLA g84 5G (Viva Magneta, 256 GB)
Vrindavan 281121, Uttar Pradesh

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