Complaint regarding delivery of defective Samsung refrigerator
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Complaint regarding delivery of defective Samsung refrigerator

I Brought a refrigerator on Apr 24th 2022. It got delivered on May 1st. The delivery boy demanded a tip of 500. I was not in home when it got delivered and when i comeback, i see that there is a 2 feet scratch. Immediately i called customer care and the engineer inspected it and sent the photos on next day. From then onwards i called them everyday and spent hours just to talk to them. Today is May 12th and the issue still with Sales team. It went to CEO desk, since there is no CEO, it went to Sales team, since there is no Sales team, now it is with Escalation team. Name it any department, there is no resolution so far. Every day, new person, new story, new apologies.

Few of the standard responses 1) We will call back in 24-48 hours 2) We are not final 3) We cannot gave a deadline 4) We cannot escalate the call to next level 5) Your issue is currently with other department and we cannot help here. 6) We have sent email and reminders to other department and kindly wait. 7) The person who is dealing ur issue is on emergency leave. 8) The person is on week off and he only can provide a solution. 9) We can only arrange a callback.

For a scratch, they didn’t provided the replacement even after 2 weeks. I purchased it from Samsung SHOP app.

Even thought the T&C conditions clearly mention that replacement is an option and it should happen in 10 days, they are not responding well. I spent 30 hours so far in the past 12 days just talking to them

Hyderabad 500089, Telangana

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