Complaint regarding fraud online job offers

Complaint regarding fraud online job offers

I am 17 years old at the moment. My mother searched a online job for me from and gave me the number of the recruiter whose name is Sxxxxxr Gxxxxxa. I had a conversation with him where he asked for my personal details like address, my photographs, my address proof and in order to get the job or start under the company named One Touch Jobs Solutions, they induced me to pay security amount of Rs 2360 from paytm through a QR code screenshot that the recruiter provided me with. I was suspicious about them so I called the paytm customer service and told them that this might be a fraud case so will I be able to get my money refunded? They asked for the detailed statement from the bank which I gave them but unfortunately they said the money transfer was done already and they couldn’t help me get the money back. They said that we might help you further if you get a FIR report written from the police. I didn’t do it at that time because I wasn’t completely sure if the company was legitimate or not. The joining letter and payment invoice was provided after the payment was done. I read the terms and signed the joining letter and sent it back to them. I did the work that they provided me afterwards but I will be honest it wasn’t done all according to the terms & conditions but this was because I was worried about getting scammed after putting all the hard work. The work was to retype jpg image files to txt documents on notepad. I was doing the work properly at first but the work was supposed to be a part time job but it turned out to be a full time. I was to retype 100 pages in under 6 days which was actually 5 days in my case. I spent around 2 days and completed just around 7 pages. I figured out the work was not mentally or physically possible for me. I did rest of the work still but not according to their terms. It still took me around 5-6 hours per day even if it wasn’t done according to their terms. I first of all think that this is scam they took advantage of me cause I am a fresher and young. I am 17 years of age at the time right now. They took my security money and then sent a lot of work which is physically impossible to do and if you don’t complete the job on time they terminate you from the company and don’t give you your money back. They didn’t even mention how many words there are per page. All they said is that you will have to do 100 pages for which you will get 95 rs per page if correct and 85 pages must be correct or else work is rejected. I submitted the work to them and waited for their so called report of the work for 5 days and I received nothing. I asked Sxxxxr Gxxxxxa (recruiter) that I haven’t received the report. He instead questioned me about the complaint I registered on paytm. I told him these things are completely off point and questioned him whether I will be getting a report or payment or not. He replied no. Then he calls my mother and says that the complaint I registered about the payment we made on paytm has led to their company getting blocked on the paytm app. He said that the company has suffered a loss and threatened us that they will get an advocate involved in this matter and we will have to pay an amount of 40000 rs under the act of defamation section 499-500. I am a kid and I have no role in defaming the company neither have I told paytm to block their account on the app. I was simply concerned about getting my security amount back if possible. They have all of my personal information including bank account details as well. I reached Sxxxr Gxxxxxa on 17 th of march 2020. The payment through paytm was made on 18 th march 2020. Joining letter was signed and submitted on 19 th march 2020. Joining letter and payment was received to me on 19 th march 2020. The work was received on 19 th march 2020. The work was submitted to them on 24 th march 2020. Extortion of money attempt was made by Sxxxxr Gxxxxa on the phone to my mother on 29 th march 2020.

Dhanraj Singh
Phagwara 144411, Punjab

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