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Complaint regarding misguidance by insurance agent

One Agent of Blue Chips Company, Asansol called me many times and even came to me offering an SIP. Then I agreed and I told them that I would pay less monthly Installment. Finally it was fixed that I had to pay Rs. 3500 per month for 5 years and after 5 years maturity amount would be credited to my account.

For processing the above, i gave them all my details and signed an incompletely filled in form. They told that they would complete the form later in office. After that I gave them a Demand Draft worth Rs. 7,320 for first two months installment and GST.

After a couple of days, I asked them to send the completely filled in form through Whatsapp. Accordingly they sent it as an acknowledgement. They told that all files would be sent to Kolkata and OTP would come on Aadhar linked mobile and after confirmation of that only policy would resume.

But in that form, it is written that policy is “ICICI Life Insurance” instead of SIP and policy term is 10 years instead of previously told 5 years and PPT(Policy pay term) is 5 years. Immediately I called them and asked about this. They told that maturity installment would be paid for 5 years and maturity would be after 10 years. Actually I didn’t want a maturity period of 10 years.
After confirming this from my co- executive, who has also been cheated by this company, I called them and told them to cancel the policy as confirmation through OTP on Aadhar linked mobile was not yet done. They agreed and said that they return my DD.

After a couple of days, i sent my understaff to their to collect my DD. Then they called and told that DD would come from Kolkata and I must collect the DD in person or they would come to me for giving me the DD. But since they are not receiving my phone and also not replying on Whatsapp.

Kindly look into the matter and arrange for refund of my DD amount worth Rs. 7320.

Dayakar Bolloju
PO- Bidhanbag, Asansol 713337, West Bengal

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