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Complaint regarding refund from Zoomcar

I had hired a zoomcar for self drive on 6th May 2020 and the booking has ended on 8th May 2020 in the morning. The car given to me had a completely depleted battery which had to be given jumpstart using an external battery at the time of pickup. The contact person at the pickup site said it is because the vehicle was parked for a few months without usage and it will get back to normal (auto recharge) after driving a few kilometers. I believed in them and picked the vehicle as I had to go out of station to pick my family and bring them back to bangalore ASAP. After driving some 10 kms I had stopped the vehicle at a petrol bunk to fill fuel. However the vehicle failed to jump start again. On contacting Zoomcar customer care they suggested me to get it started with a nearby repair technician and that they will refund money on completion of the trip. I did the same and drove to my place 300Kms away (didn’t stop the vehicle on the entire drive).

On reaching my place we decided to start our return journey immediately as we may get stuck on state border because of covid situation. It was only 1 hour since i parked the vehicle (after driving 300kms) and the vehicle failed to start again. On consulting a local technician he suggested replacing the battery as the current battery is completely depleted. I called zoom car customer care., the technician gave me a go ahead to replace the battery assuring me that battery replacement money will be settled on completion of the trip.  I did as they suggested. i.e replaced the battery with a new one, kept the old battery in boot space., uploaded the bill in zoomcar app.
However even after a few days after trip completion they did not settle my battery replacement bill. They have only considered fuel bill, security deposit and vehicle downgrade bills. It costed me 6400/- rupees for the battery and other refunds are amounting 7841/-. So, a total of  14,241/- is pending to be refunded.

I tried reaching out to customer care on multiple channels (email, twitter and phone call). They said the fuel bill is pending to be settled and the battery bill is rejected as per discussion. However no one had given me a clarification on why it is rejected even after multiple followups.

Now, they have even stopped replying to my messages on twitter and email and no call backs were arranged as they promised earlier. They have even failed to settle all refunds for this booking.

Nagamanoj Vankadhara
Bangalore 560102, Karnataka

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