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Complaint regarding taxes and charges on hotel bill

I hereby post the bill were i have over charged with the service charges and other taxes. i dont have a very good idea about the taxes in the restaurent , I want to share my bad experience with the over taxed in hotel as a common man.

My real bill is 985/- but i have been collected 1294/- including taxes ., 309/- was charged as service and other taxes, how far this is correct were he charged services charges separate and service tax separate and a normal drinking water bottel also calculated under breverages and collected tax of @14.5%. Hotel Details, Mainland China
Speciality Restaurents Ltd.
I kindly request you to make a need justice to middle class person.

vinay kumar
Kawadigud, Secunderabad 500080, Telangana
30/05/2017 / 3:41 pm

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