Complaint regarding wrong claim of payment due by Flipkart

I hereby apply for the solution against wrong claim of Flipkart on me. I want to inform you that on 24th September 2018 I was given an order for the Infinix Smart 2 mobile phone. I have used the payment method for the offer given by Flipkart which is named as pay later method, by which a customer can buy any product ( within a limited amount) without payment on same time and they can pay later with the 10th day of the next month.
I want to inform you that my order was placed with another offer given by the Flipkart system named as exchange offer, where a customer can buy a mobile with exchange for their old mobile and depending on the condition of old mobile an amount was deducted.
The price of the mobile I want to buy was 5999INR, where for old mobile phone the deduction was 1950INR (2050INR as the value of old mobile from which 100INR was deducted as pickup charge) and as per the calculation the total amount to pay was 4059INR. However I have cancelled the order within two hours when I have decided to buy another one mobile phone.
In the month of September I have not purchased anything from Flipkart and also not paid any amount.
Now from 1st October Flipkart place the claim of 2050INR as the pay later balance amount. The system of Flipkart may have done a wrong calculation of the above mentioned order and place the claim of the amount which was actually the exchange value price of the old mobile phone.
I have communicated again and again with the customer service representatives but the problem was not solved till now. And also there have somebody who can’t understand the calculation.
Whatever I am so much disappointed with the unusual problem created by Flipkart and also want a right justification on the problem. Please do needful as soon as possible.
Looking for the valuable oplnlon from you.

Subrata Hota
Sonarpur, Kolkata 700150, West Bengal

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