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Complaint regarding Xiaomi service

I would like to register a complaint against Xiaomi servicing centre. I am a user of Xiaomi Mi Max (32gb Gold) which I bought from Snapdeal on 27th Sept, 2016. Last month I noticed a discolor spot on lower part of the display that’s the only issue and phone was perfectly ok while sending it to Xiaomi servicing centre. Since the phone hasn’t crossed one year and there is no Xiaomi servicing centre available in Imphal-795001, I thought that it would be best to consult Xiaomi Customer care about the issue. After discussing with the customer care they provided a complaint no. 170907-015407 and I was told to send it to HETAL PATEL C/O QARMATEK SERVICES PVT. LTD. 123/B-1, PHASE 1, NEAR PUSHPAK ESTATE, AHMEDABAD, GU 382445 IN and they arranged a pick up service and on 25th Oct, 2017 my phone was picked up by FedEx Courier (Tracking number: 787491608725).

Few days after reaching Xiaomi servicing centre on 7th Sept, 2017, I received a mail saying phone is declared out of warranty and asked me to pay Rs. 7170/- for the repairing. I would like emphasize one thing here I never raised a request to repair the battery. It never had any issue with the battery but they asked me to replace the battery by paying the charges. In the mean time I also contacted Snapdeal customer service about the issue. They told me to get the mail confirmation why my phone is declared out of warranty. So, I requested Xiaomi Customer care to confirm me through mail why the phone has been declared out of warranty and what is the issue with the phone in mail but despite my repeated request they didn’t provide anything. During the process on 17th Sept, 2017 Xiaomi servicing centre returned the phone without repairing. I was helpless and have no other choice but to wait for the phone to arrive. On 19th Sept, 2017, I have received the phone in terrible condition. It was completely visible that phone was stripped and roughly handled in Xiaomi serving centre. Now the phone is dead. I tried charging the phone but it doesn’t starts up and some part of the display got lose. If I have to repair the phone by paying the charges it’s my choice whether to repair it or not. If the customer doesn’t want to repair it then they should have returned the phone in same condition as it was before. I would have used the phone without complain. Now the Xiaomi servicing centre has destroyed the phone. They are the responsible for my loss. I want to take the legal action against Xiaomi servicing centre.

Thongam Joy Singh
Imphal West 795001, Manipur

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