Misuse of KYC, Aadhar by fertiliser shop for subsidy

Misuse of KYC, Aadhar by fertiliser shop for subsidy

I want to complain about a fraud happened yesterday (08.10.2021) to my father by a Fertilizer shop. Yesterday my father got a message on his mobile from “AD-DBTFRT”.  You have purchased fertilizers from Nandi Fertilizer (455972) Total Amount (Rs.): 18100.0.  Subsidy to be borne by the Govt. on behalf of farmer(Rs.):14269.65 DOF”

My father not buy this amount never from his shop in his entire life. My father visit this shop very often. The shop keeper told my father if you want buy fertilizer from his shop then my father has to submit aadhar no and mobile no. My father agree  and put the document to the shop keeper. They also create KYC. But after that at the evening my father got this sms. Today (09.10.2021) morning When I asked the shop keeper about this sms, he told me nothing to worry , its fake and tell me to ignore it. He also said such kind of many sms get another farmer, but they did not tell anything why are you have problem. After that the shopkeeper said to me The Fertilizer Company send such kind of  sms sometimes to the farmer. So ignore it.

I want to investigate about this matter because many of such farmer don’t understand this matter and ignored it. Some of the farmer don’t see such kind of sms, and the sms dumped. Please help me about this matter as early as possible.

Radhamohanpur 721160, West Bengal
Email: sxxxxxxxxxxxxh@gmail.com

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