Regarding fraud services for increasing YouTube subscribers
Beware of making UPI payments to strangers. Always transfer money to bank account after due diligence.

Regarding fraud services for increasing YouTube subscribers

I have my own YouTube channel. One day I got a message on Whats App that I can give you subscribers for a little money. Your YouTube channel will grow. He said (RxxxA ) M. : 7xxxxxxx1 or 6xxxxxxx5 that I am talking to ecomdrive company ( They sent me a price / charge list. Very Low Price Youtube Service : View / Like / Subscriber only 500/- Rs. (500 Followers ) I said that I will make the payment in the company’s account. He said that if the company’s account is still locked then please transfer it to me through Google Pay. I still took his bank account. He took 500 rupees from me. But it didn’t work. This is a small amount so no one would be complaining. But if 1000 people like me are counted, it will be 500000. And this is happening despite the Consumer Protection Forum, it is not good. Please help me. Give me back my hard earned money. Thanks.

Visnagar 384315, Gujarat

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