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Regarding issues with new Coolpad Note 5

I got delivery of the mobile set Coolpad Note 5 32 GB (model 3600I)on 23rd October through Amazon worth 8999/- with manufacturing date Aug 2017 and warranty period 1 year.

I started using on 27 Oct and barely used for 4 days The set is typically faulty with moving to earphone mode without even adding headset. Gets into andriod vibration mode occassionally. After 1st time charging, set got heated up. Then charge drained out within 10 hrs. When put on charging second time, the set gets extremely heated and does not get charged as well as hanged. It automatically got put off and moisture started to appear in lens panel. The set never started up.

When taken to Service center (Regeneris, Salt Lake, Kolkata), the engineer reported the set to be fluid damaged and by policy the service center will not repair even if model has 1 year warranty. They will charge extra bucks for repairing the set.

Worth to mention, the set never came in contact with any fluid body, not even sweat. Also mention worthy is the battery is tightly coupled with set, and user cannot take it out without using any engineering device. So no question of myself detaching the battery. Only service center not admitting that the battery was faulty and might have melted out causing whatever damage, because if they do, they will have to service free of cost.

Now Amazon not returning product as crossed return period time and service center turning down servicing on grounds of fluid damage(not serviceable under Coolpad policy).

So myself is now cheated for the 9K I spent and have to spend again for incurring the above expense if I want to use my new mobile. I think of pursuing legal action against the company.

Sourav Das
Santoshpur, Kolkata 700075, West Bengal

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