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Regarding services from Dish TV

Dishtv truly deserves worst service award. Since the very first day of my connection i have been facing loads of problems and now dishtv has crossed limits and their seniors are seriously not worth talking. Just because i have made payment for the entire year and they do not have any refund policy I am tied up with them with their pathetic service. Everyday i get 301 error literally everyday and i am making calls on daily basis. This company totally sucks. They are sitting and just hogging customers money and wasting money on advertisements. Fake ads and fake company. Its been an entire year that i come home and call them up because i dont get connection and not able to watch anything. Their techician comes and tell that there is a problem with the wire since the very first day imagine. Their technician says there is some joint which is done on the terrace which they have only done on the very first day and they expected me to know that any joint will create connection problem. Why the hell you provided connection in the first place when there was a need of joint in the wire and why the hell you did some joint in the wire when you guys know that any joint will create problem in the connection. Now they say that they cannot help me at all. I have to bear with this service. And they also said that they can change the wire if i am willing to pay. The wire has come from 29th floor to 11th floor. So basically customers money comes for free. They have given me some old set top box in the very first week of my new connection so one can imagine what kind of company is it who does not even provide new set top box to new customers.
Pxxxxxh. Uxxxxxxxh and one more senior are the names of people in their senior authorities who are just chilling on their jobs. So now i have to bear woth 301 error for an entire year as i have made the payment for an annual pack. They cannot help. Then why the hell you guys sitting there and talking bullshit about service

Anmol jain
Sejal tower 400104


    • DishTV on 11/08/2017 at 5:50 pm

    Dear Anmol,

    Information about your complaint is still awaited.

    Online Team

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