Regarding wrong product from Ajio, no customer support

Regarding wrong product from Ajio, no customer support

On 31st May 2023 we placed an order with your esteemed e-commerce brand for two women’s suits. However, upon receiving the package, we were shocked to find that the product delivered was entirely different from what we had ordered. The incorrect product received was two soiled pieces of clothing along with an unknown product bar code. Please find all the attached images for your reference.
We immediately requested a return which was initially approved after showing the pictures attached below but then repeatedly rejected at pickup as the wrong product did not match the indicated product for pickup. What is the point of taking pictures for a wrong delivery request but not updating it for the courier partner? Then we contacted your customer support team to seek resolution and requested for a return.
However, your customer service strongly claimed that there was no mistake in packing the product and no return will be issued. They also refused to provide any evidence indicating that the correct product was indeed packed or an explanation for the unknown product code.
As a result of this error and your refusal to provide the necessary evidence, as a buyer I have suffered considerable inconvenience, financial losses, and a severe breach of trust. We gave your brand every opportunity to rectify the situation amicably, your grievance officer also produced the same response. Your the lack of cooperation has left us with no choice but to take this matter seriously and consider legal action if required.
We expect your company to take immediate corrective actions to resolve this matter satisfactorily. In order to avoid escalating the situation further, we demand the following:
1. Offer an appropriate return compensation equivalent to order value of Rs. 2204 to remedy the losses we have incurred as a result of your company’s negligence and lack of transparency.
We would prefer the first option but if not, then provide the following:
2. Within a reasonable timeframe of 7 days from the receipt of this email, provide documented evidence, such as photographs or video footage, clearly showing the correct product being packed and prepared for shipment.
3. Provide a suitable written explanation of the product code received with the wrong shipment such that it shows that it belongs to the correct shipment.
We strongly advise your company to treat this matter with utmost seriousness and take immediate action to address the concerns raised.Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter. We eagerly await your response and a swift resolution.
New Delhi 110061, New Delhi

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