Travel Management Telegram Channel Platform based Fraud

Travel Management Telegram Channel Platform based Fraud

Invite received in telegram as an opportunity to earn 1500- 2000 rs a day after rating products. then u are joined to a telegram group with 10-12 members who are all paid agents supporting the site. Link
mytravelsnow u are asked to give a 5-star rating for travel places and a commission of 150 – 300 rs per 5-star rating is deposited into our account. once u start the task by clicking the ratings at some tasks u are asked to deposit more money to proceed further. a customer service chat keeps reassuring you that u will get all your money back promoting you to deposit more money.

small sums are deposited back into ur account the second day to give a false picture that your money will come back. but once you start depositing more money. they never allow u to complete 30 tasks so that u can withdraw your deposited money back

The scam is designed in such a way that most are young girls and sweet talk in a reassuring way that u will get all your money back. but they keep asking you to deposit more money to finish 30 tasks and withdraw but they never allow you to withdraw saying you are upgraded automatically. Huge money trap scam. i lost 32 thousand please help to get the money back.

Bengaluru 560076, Karnataka


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  1. I received telegram message as you said. from the company you mentioned. how many days ago you you did above task…?

    • S JAYASHREE NAIDU on 03/11/2022 at 11:00 pm

    Hi it was on October 13th 2022.

    • ranjith on 08/09/2023 at 8:17 pm

    i received telegram message for part time job and 1,2 days they given my money back with 60000 profit, but 3rd day as mentioned above to do complete work you have recharge wallet with 138000/- iam just lucky i lost only what i get from them ( air fare ticket booking scam)

    • Purwa Pawar on 20/09/2023 at 11:16 am

    Hello, I also got the same message on Telegram. Without contributing any further funds, I made a profit of 1133 rupees on day one. On the second day, they requested an additional 10,000 rs for a new duty. Fortunately I didn’t add any cash.

    • Rahul on 16/01/2024 at 11:58 pm

    Dear Admin,

    I am also experienced airline ticket booking scam through telegram app. Their telegram group and platform is called Flight network which is the part of kiwi. Com as per their proof and terms. We need to book 30 air ticket in each round, there will be 3 rounds. After completion of 3 rounds we can withdraw the money including the profit. First 2 times I received money including profit which is below 50 k. Third time in the middle of booking I paid 17 lakhs due to superb air ticket and mystery card. After completion I proceed to withdraw full money. But from their customer service they hold my money because as per their terms and conditions I need to pay 50% of the withdraw fee which is refundable for security purposes. Now I am unable to pay this much money. Now they are saying if I am unable to pay my account will be freeze and the money will lose. Then they reduce the fees to 8L said new year offer. They are still active through telegram messages.

    Please do the needful and clear necessary action. All my savings and borrow money is with them. Now my bank account is zero. I am already given complaint to the cyber police and nearest police station. They filed FIR and case is still going. Please do the needful, I don’t have money to pay any other charges.

    • Pearl_raja on 18/01/2024 at 5:20 am

    I’m also facing same issue they are telling so many things like 30 books 3 set you will get all your money once complete that booking, after all done if you withdraw they are telling more money withdraw done so 50% need to pay as security deposit then you can withdraw all your money with security deposit. Really don’t know now what to do amount is huge can’t even think of but they are keep telling you will get sure once deposit withdraw immediately,

    • Salman on 26/03/2024 at 12:04 pm

    I am also facing same issues they are telling so many things like 30 booking 3 setyou well get all your money once completed that booking after all done process to withdraw but more booking show standard package and deposit more amount and amount 1,44,000,51,000,20,000 and more amount add deposit 2,85,000 and withdraw complete

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