Solved Complaints

We take pleasure in stating here that we have been able to resolve many complaints posted with us. This was made possible with efforts from the Forum and the affected consumers, together with the co-operation of the opposite parties against whom the complaints were lodged.

We present here some of the complaints solved by this Forum.  We have not included many resolved complaints pertaining to mobile, DTH and other miscellaneous services. We would also mention here that many resolved issues might not have been notified to us and hence not presented here.

Those who have posted complaints with this Forum are requested to let the Forum know when their complaints have been sorted out.  This would help us to update our records and also would help others who are tracking the complaints posted here.

Finally, we thank various commercial organisations and service providers for co-operating with us in resolving consumer complaints that were presented to them.

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Solved Complaints 7 /  Solved Complaints 8 / Solved Complaints 9 /

Solved Complaints 4 / Solved Complaints 5 / Solved Complaints 6 /

Solved Complaints 1 /  Solved Complaints 2 / Solved Complaints 3 /

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