Complaint regarding non-receipt of refund from Flipkart

I bought 2 tops from Flipkart on 11th June, 2019, using SBI internet banking. The brand was The Dry State, and it’s price value was Rs. 619. It was delivered on 15th June, and on the same day I requested for returning it back and refunding my money. On 16th June, Flipkart took the tops back from me. On 16th June, they confirmed that it was successfully returned back and on 17th June, they claimed that they have refunded INR 619, and by 25th June, it’ll be credited to my account. Since then, I didn’t receive my money. It’s now crossed 1 month, but Flipkart policy says of a refund by 8 business days. Flipkart claimed that they refunded. But, in few mails they gave 1 reference number claiming that the refund was done on 16th June, in few other mails, they gave another reference number claiming that the refund was done on 17th June. I contacted Flipkart a huge number of times in past 1 month regarding this issue. I contacted the bank also with the following details, and they informed that no refund was done from Flipkart.
Please help me to solve the issue and help me to get back my amount of Rs. 619.
Dyuti Bhattacharyya
Chandannagar 712136, West Bengal

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    • ICF on 20/07/2019 at 8:55 pm

    This complaint has been resolved.

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