Complaint regarding services from Onsitego for Apple phone

Complaint regarding services from Onsitego for Apple phone

I purchased apple phone on 12th August 2022 and purchase a insurance from Onsitego. It includes damage and split, on July 2023, my phone get damage and I try to claim my insurance and give my phone to Onsitego executive on 21st July 2023.  After some days it goes in replacement process, but in that case I have to pay 53000 approx. But I am not capable to pay that huge amount, so I demand to repair my same phone. That consent was taken on 31st July 2023. After that I tried to know about further update and contact customer support and mailed some Emails on their official mail ID. But all the time from 1st August 2023 they just avoid my complain, my words, by giving me time for 24 hours.
After 24hrs again I contact them to know about my phone status again they avoid me by giving the same excuse to wait 24hrs. It happens 3-4 times. Today is 5th August 2023 and still they are saying wait for 24hrs. By hook and cook I purchased that cell phone and buy insurance for the phone, So if by any chance it got broke so I don’t have to worry about the expense. But now they are avoiding me and not repairing my cell phone. forcing me to pay 53000 rupees to get a replacement. But I am not capable to pay that huge amount. I am submitting the cell phone insurance certificate with the complaint.
I request to the Govt. please help me.
Jahangirpuri, North West Delh 110033

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