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Higher trip charges by Uber for the same route

I have been using UBER since long for the same path, i.e. my home to my work place and back. Before 5.5.2017 whenever I used to book UBER for this trip it use to show normal path on which I actually use to travel and the fare was around Rs.40/- per trip. The distance between my home to my work place is 1.80 Km. since 5.5.2017 whenever I book UBER it shows longer path and high estimated fare. whereas I travel on my usual shorter path but it still charges the estimated amount for the long path which is not correct. It shall charge for the actual distance traveled only. charging the estimated fare is not ethical when the rider did not travel on the longer route estimated route. this is cheating I have paid about Rs. 2000/- extra since 5.5.2017 and still paying daily. It shall be corrected now and all the extra charges paid by me since 5.5.2017 shall be refunded back.

Nandini Gupta
Bapu Nagar, Jaipur 302015, Rajasthan
Email: jxxxxxxxxxxi@gmail.com


    • Rahul Dahra on 23/08/2017 at 12:52 pm

    I have been using Uber since long. And suddenly i realised they have started charging more than what they show in the upfront fare. On 19th Aug, i travelled from Ghaziabad to Noida for which the upfront fare was 204/-(approx) and then i had to change my drop location because i had to pickup some stuff from a friend’s place. After changing the destination, it showed me the update fare as 244/- which was hardly 1 KM from the original drop off location. I accepted the fare and rode to the updated location. After picking up stuff I had to go to Vasundhra Enclave from Noida and I changed the location again. After updateing it showed me updated fare of 340/-(approx) to which I accepted. But when I reached Vasundhra enclave and dropped off the taxi, Uber deducted 558/- from my Paytm account. I had no clue why did they do that. So , I raised a customer care reuqest and they are giving me silly reasons that it the trip was updated and higher rate was charged than it showed. And after asking why is it so, they are not coming up with the answer and replying with the same useless answer. I used to think, Uber was a company based on Ethics. But no, they are all the same. Greedy bunch of startups.

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